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My friend just had gotten separated and she was going through a rough patch. Seeing her sad, fragile and in a dark spot I knew I had to do something...

I was a photographer, how could I use my craft, my art to help her? Seeing how many photos she had around an idea came to me, why not do a session of Boudoir photography? Best case scenario she would find herself beautiful and empowered and in the worst, we would have a great time and have a great laugh!


And it was! It was a great time and the start of a discovery process that helped her get out of that dark place.

We scheduled a session.


When she arrived she looked at me and said, " you are crazy!" 

We went through her outfits and prepare for a great session. We chose the outfit that we would use first, she covered herself with a robe and Lidia put herself in Lucia's hands.


When we finished with make-up and hair ... I don't know how to describe the feeling, she was beautiful and she was glowing  and I had to show her that glow with my camera.


I did not have much experience in this type of photography but I had prepared and I had looked at several images, photographers, etc. I was guiding and posing her, according to what I had observed.


A little nervous at first but then it started flowing...the session was happening! It was a wonderful feeling when I showed the photographs to her and she had tears in her eyes...


They were moments so intense and beautiful that I can only tell you that a depressed and  sad woman entered that room and a strong, confident, smiling, and self assured woman came out.

From that day on I decided that if I could, I would only do this kind of photography, Intimate Portraiture.

I want to highlight the female figure in all its areas and its forms, I want to see you value yourself, love yourself and see yourself again.

Hello! I am Oscar Insua and as you have already read, my mission is to empower all women to love their bodies.


Since 2005 I have been working as a professional photographer, being fortunate to have lived in various countries such as the United States, Denmark, Portugal and now Spain, learning a little from all of them, their people and their cultures.

Throughout this journey, I have discovered that intimate photography is trying to reveal yourself, It is showing yourself in an honest, artistic, emotional and sensual way. It is to show you that, as the master of your destiny, you feel comfortable with who you are and celebrate it freely, in an open way.

Being able to do this type of photography is an honor for me.


The intimate photography must be above all a photograph that respects and dignifies you.

It is an opportunity to feel that everything is about you.


From our first meeting, through the duration of the photo shoot and the selection of images, you are the center of attention. You will leave your comfort zone until you are even better in your own skin.


You will see yourself from another perspective and it is a great opportunity for you to show, or for you to show yourself, your most adventurous side.


And, if something has characterized us in these years of experience, it is our professionalism, our respect and love

for the photographic art.


And now, do you dare to have your unique session?