• Oscar Insua


It is absolutely normal. This is something that happens practically in all photography sessions, specially in Intimate Portrait sessions.

Every person who stands in front of the camera has doubts and insecurities, but

don't worry that those feelings go away once the session starts.

A lot of people who do Intimate Portrait sessions have never done it before and our job is to create an enjoyable, calm and safe atmosphere that will help you feel good and trust yourself, feeling empowered and beautiful.

We will be with you at all times to help you. From the first visit or phone call to posing in front of the camera, directing you and helping you pose so that you are full of confidence and security.

As important as having beautiful and professional photos done, is that from the first contact you have all the necessary information so you can enjoy this special experience from the beginning to the end.

It is an honor, a privilege and a pleasure that you have placed your trust in our hands.

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