• Oscar Insua

Why do a session with us?

Intimate photography is trying to reveal yourself. It is showing yourself in an honest, artistic, emotional and sensual way. It is to show that, as masters of our destiny, we feel comfortable with who we are and we celebrate ourselves freely, in an open way.

It is an opportunity to feel that everything is about you. From our first meeting, through the duration of the photo shoot and the selection of images, you are the center of attention. You will leave your comfort zone until you are even better in your own skin.

Intimate photography must above all be a photograph that respects and dignifies you.

You will see yourself from another perspective and it is a great opportunity for you to show, or for you to show yourself, another side of yourself.

And why with Red & Black?

We have been photography professionals since 2005. We have developed our career in the United States, Denmark and now in Spain.

The women who have done Intimate Photography sessions with us have gone home feeling beautiful and radiating great self-confidence !!!

And, if something has characterized us in these years of experience, it is professionalism, respect for the person and love for the art and the artistic.

Also, we promise that you will have a great time!!!

And now... do you dare?

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